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Thank you for your support and generosity!

Although UPAVIM supports its daycare and preschool through the sale of its crafts and supports part of the schools budget, the school and other programs rely on generous donations from people who believe in what we are doing and want to help. Ultimately our goal is to work towards being self sustaining, but it is a long uphill battle. We gratefully accept donations to our programs and are extremely appreciative. UPAVIM has received support from numerous churches, individuals, stores, non-profit organizations, and foundations since the cooperative began in 1988.

The UPAVIM Community Development Foundation (UCDF) is a 501(C)(3) organization based in the United States. Aside from advising the women when needed, our mission is mainly to raise funds for the programs UPAVIM offers in Guatemala. All money received from donations goes directly to UPAVIM programs, except a very small amount used for stamps and envelopes to thank donors. Don't want to pay online? Mail your check to 1700 Sheely Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80526All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.A.


General Donation

Your donation to the general fund is vital to the success of our organization. By contributing to this fund, you can ensure that your gift will go where it is needed most, providing crucial support for all of our programs and services. With your help, we can continue to make a positive impact in our community and beyond. Your generosity can help us achieve our goals and fulfill our mission, creating a brighter future for everyone we serve. Together, we can make a real difference - please consider making a donation to our general fund today!

Health Sponsorship

Welcome to our Health Scholarship donation page! By donating to our Health Scholarship fund, you can help support the women of UPAVIM in accessing important healthcare services, including gynecological exams. UPAVIM is a community in Guatemala that has limited access to healthcare, which can be especially challenging for women. Your donation will make a significant impact by ensuring that the women of UPAVIM can receive the care they need to stay healthy and thrive. Join us in supporting this important cause and donate to the Health Scholarship fund today!

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Donations help to cover teacher salaries and Montessori training, classroom materials and supplies, and breakfast for each student. Currently the K-6 Montessori School attends to over 150 children and employs 8 teachers and a Director. A monthly fee of $23 covers tuition costs, though uniform, books, and materials and registration costs are separate.

Scholarship Program

For primary school and junior high students, the $63 scholarship helps to cover the cost of their basic school supplies, and supplies for them to use at the Reforzamiento tutoring center and pay the salary of a Guatemalan teacher. UPAVIM has awarded scholarships to students in the community since 1992 and awards around 300 scholarships (Becas) annually.

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Community Library

The library continues to serve as a vital resource for the children, parents, and teachers of La Esperanza and neighboring communities. It is the only library in La Esperanza. With every dollar you donate, you are bringing precious books and a safe nurturing space to children.

Professional Development

UPAVIM Crafts continues to be self-sustaining, however in order to expand and increase earning potential for our women artisans, we are always accepting donations to fund training in product design, accounting, business management and logistics. Please contact us if you would like to offer any type of training programs or assistance to our Artesania's, and of course monetary donations are always welcome.

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Solar Panels

Being the land of eternal sunshine, we would love to to provide solar power energy to our building. Not only will they help us save energy costs but we can help save the environment too. The solar panels will be placed on the roof that partially covers the playground. It was built with reinforcements to hold the weight of solar panels and are the only thing needed to complete our Annex project. 

Endowment Fund

During 2020, when COVID-19 was at its worst and people were struggling all over the world, the endowment literally saved the women of UPAVIM and the Cooperative. They would not have made it without the endowment and our generous donors. We are so grateful for any donations to this fund because they help ensure the security of our 20-year foundation during emergencies. 

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