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Our products are lovingly hand-crafted by the female artisans of UPAVIM. With the purchase of these items, you are supporting a process that brings dignity to a people’s struggle for economic independence.

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Fair Trade

As a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation, UPAVIM makes the deepest commitment to cultivating positive social, economic, and environmental change through fair trade.


Our crafts project was developed in the early 1990s as an income generating project.  Within our UPAVIM organization, most of our 60+ members are a part of our large crafts project. This self-run project provides jobs and leadership opportunities for our women members. Positions within the craft program include artisans, administrators, product designer, warehouse manager, quality control manager, sourcing manager and other support staff. This team of women design, market and sell a large collection of handmade goods to stores in Guatemala and around the world. We also partner with a select number of outside artisans whose goods complement our line of fair trade products. In addition to our Guatemala offices, we have also had a US distribution center for 28+ years, currently located in Fort Collins, CO. The US distribution center operates an online retail and wholesale marketplace for US consumers. 

We produce and sell a wide variety of quality handmade products.  We are primarily a sewing cooperative but also make products by hand.  We source most of our textiles from local weavers giving our products a traditional Guatemalan aesthetic. Our product line include kitchen accessories, baby products, jewelry, accessories, holiday décor and more. 

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The Craft Project

The craft project began during the early 1990’s to provide employment for the women and to help fund the Growth Monitoring program. In addition to our Guatemala location we have also had a US distribution center for 28+ years, currently located in Fort Collins, CO. The distribution center has a wholesale/retail website online where anyone can order from us.


The crafts project has been very successful for us and the women in the community, providing consistent income for them as well as for our educational programs. Our sales help cover the expenses for the daycare, pre-school and for some of the school. By making a fair wage we have been able to pull ourselves out of poverty, improve our living conditions, feed and care for our families, and send our children to school. Purchasing our products makes a huge difference in our lives and in supporting our educational programs.

Fair Trade

Learn how UPAVIM embodies the spirit of fair trade.

Our Fair Trade Principles

We are a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation so you can feel good about buying our products. We provide equitable wages, job opportunities, capacity building, and safe and empowering working conditions for our women in La Esperanza. Fair trade is more than just business; it is a way of life. It is a conscious choice and a commitment to equity, social and economic justice. UPAVIM embodies the spirit of fair trade.

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