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Educational Services

UPAVIM provides a wide range of educational services to the students of La Esperanza including a K-6 Montessori School, an English program, tutoring center, and a scholarship program. Our mission supports the development of educational programs for the students of La Esperanza. These programs are funded through the sale of UPAVIM Crafts and generous donations from our supporters.

Children's Center

The Children’s Center Program was founded in 1994 by the members of UPAVIM to provide childcare to the working mothers of UPAVIM and to the community. The program now houses a combined Montessori daycare and preschool.


K-6 Montessori School

In 2000, UPAVIM established the K-6 Montessori School to offer children from La Esperanza and neighboring communities a school where they study in a safe and stimulating atmosphere. The school started with 2 children and has grown to serve 150 students a year. 

English Program 

The English program was started in 2008 by one of our dedicated volunteers, Madeleine Anderson. English language is imperative for success in the Guatemalan education system and workforce. In 2013 UPAVIM expanded the English Program to a full-day Bilingual Program providing students with a greater opportunity towards gaining language proficiency.


Tutoring Center

UPAVIM’S tutoring center is a safe and interactive space in La Esperanza open to all students in primary grades to to find help with homework and enrichment through play. Reyna Cho, a local Guatemalan woman, supervises the tutoring program with the assistance of international volunteers when we have them. This program operates entirely on the generosity of our donors.

The Scholarship Program

UPAVIM has awarded scholarships to students in the community since 1992, and has since awarded around 300 scholarships annually. The $63 scholarship helps to cover the cost of basic school supplies, supplies for them to use at UPAVIM’s tutoring center, and the salary of a tutor.

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