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Tutoring Center

A safe space for after-school activities

UPAVIM’S tutoring center is a safe and interactive space in La Esperanza open to all students in primary grades to find help with homework and enrichment through play. Reyna Cho, a local Guatemalan woman, supervises the tutoring program with the assistance of international volunteers when we have them. The center offers one-on-one tutoring, lessons in small groups, Prepa (a preschool class), and English lessons for both children and adults. This program operates entirely on the generosity of our donors.​

Safe Space 

The tutoring center is so important for the community because its primary attendees, public school students, are only in class for half of the day. The center is a sanctuary for these children who might otherwise be out on the gang controlled streets. Here they have access to craft supplies, puzzles, books, and games that they don’t have at home. They also find the support and guidance of Reyna and the volunteers. The center also works with children in the community who cannot go to school at all for reasons out of their control, such as disabilities, do not have a birth certificate, etc.

Support UPAVIM's Tutoring Center

The tutoring center is a vital resource in keeping children off the gang-controlled streets. Your support ensures the children have access to books, puzzles, craft supplies, games, and compensation for the center's supervisor.


Would you be able to help support UPAVIM’s tutoring center? Donate below!

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