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Scholarship Program

UPAVIM's Scholarship Program

UPAVIM has awarded scholarships to students in the community since 1992, awarding around 300 scholarships annually. The $75 scholarship helps to cover the cost of basic school supplies, supplies for them to use at UPAVIM’s tutoring center, and the salary of the tutor. A committee of UPAVIMAs evaluates the applications to determine which children in the community have the greatest need for the scholarships and all students are required to pass their classes in order to continue receiving their scholarship for subsequent years.

Life-Changing Donations

Most students in Guatemala stop their schooling at the end of 6th grade because their parents do not have the financial means for basic school supplies, and many students do not even get that far. These scholarships provide a life-changing education to many deserving children that would not be able to reach their full potential without the assistance of a scholarship. In the past, UPAVIM has awarded as many as 600 scholarships a year and would love to be able to do so again. All of the funding for scholarships comes from generous donors from many countries, but mainly the USA.

Beca de Carerras Program

In 2002, UPAVIM introduced a second scholarship program, Beca de Carerras. This program awards a small number of scholarships to junior high graduates, UPAVIM women, and prior students with good grades so they can pursue a 3-year vocational degree at a public high school. These scholarships are generally provided by private donors who maintain the support until they graduate. The scholarships run from $500-$1000 per year. If you are interested in supporting a deserving ambitious student please email us at! Special thanks to everyone that has helped over the years and to those of you who continue to provide this support!

Sponsor A Child's Education

It takes only $75 for the year to help send one child to school (K-6 or 7-9) for the year. That is only $6.25/month. Sign up for our monthly donation program and sponsor two children for $12.50/month today!

Would you be able to help sponsor a child's education? Donate below!

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