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Community Library

Reading is central to poverty reduction.

If you teach a child to read and love books, you change a life forever. Literacy is central to poverty reduction, improving health and well-being, and providing a pathway to further education and sustainable employment. UPAVIM’s library gives the gift of books to a community where books are rare and precious. As the only library in La Esperanza, its books are available to the immediate community, UPAVIM school, tutoring center, and visiting students from other schools and neighborhoods. The library is run by an incredibly dedicated woman from the community who has gone on to receive additional training in running a library. The UPAVIM library provides students with books, a supportive space to study, and access to computers and other resources needed for homework assignments.

Book Deserts

Besides the UPAVIM Community Library, the closest public library is the national library across Guatemala City in Zone 1.  Although the national library operates a book mobile, it only goes out into the countryside and not into urban “book deserts.”  Most children in La Esperanza have no books in their homes and very limited resources in their public school. The UPAVIM Community library provides the priceless gift of books to children and families who would otherwise not have any access.  

Aventuras en Literatura

Each year the children in the community look forward to Aventuras en Literatura, or “Adventures in Literacy,” a unique summer reading program. This program is designed to help promote reading skills and a love of reading for children of all ages, many of whom would otherwise not have access to any books outside of school.  Over 100 children attend Aventuras en Literatura every year! The recent completion of the fourth floor allowed the library to expand its space considerably, allowing for bigger work spaces and a larger book collection. Soon a daily Storytime Hour will begin in addition to other programming!  The library is fully funded by generous donations.

Support the Community Library

The UPAVIM Community Library provides the priceless gift of books to children and families who would otherwise not have any access. With every dollar you donate, you are bringing precious books and a safe, nurturing space to children.

Would you be able to help support UPAVIM’s library? Donate below!

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