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Economic Empowerment

UPAVIM provides a wide range of employment opportunities to the citizens of La Esperanza through UPAVIM Crafts, the K-6 Montessori School, and a community bakery, pharmacy, library. At UPAVIM, we believe that when women are economically empowered, families thrive and communities are safer. Through our income generating initiatives, the women of UPAVIM are able to support themselves, their families, and their community. 


UPAVIM began making handmade crafts in 1998, providing the women with employment and help pay for the Growth Monitoring program, Montessori daycare, and Montessori school.

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The bakery began in 2001 and is housed in our Annex building. The bread is sold at a small store that also sells our soy milk and other soy products. The bakery and store are self-sustainable.

K-6 Montessori School

A good education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty that pervades our community. In 2000, UPAVIM established the K-6 Montessori School to offer children from La Esperanza and neighboring communities a school where they study in a safe and stimulating atmosphere. 

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UPAVIM runs a local pharmacy, clinic, and medical lab to provide proper healthcare for the community of La Esperanza. The pharmacy is run by a nurse employed by UPAVIM who treats minor injuries, injections, breathing treatments and other ailments. 

Community Library

As the only library in La Esperanza, its books are available to the immediate community, UPAVIM school, tutoring center, and visiting students from other schools and neighborhoods. The library is run by an incredibly dedicated woman from the community who has gone on to receive additional training in running a library. 

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