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Explore the Magic of Christmas in Guatemala with UPAVIM! 🎄🇬🇹

Discover the richness of Christmas in Guatemala with UPAVIM. Immerse yourself in the unique cultural traditions, festive celebrations, while joining us in supporting women and children in La Esperanza.

Posadas: A Journey of Faith and Community

One of the most cherished traditions in Guatemala is the celebration of posadas. Families and friends come together in processions, singing carols and partaking in the breaking of piñatas, creating an atmosphere of joy and togetherness.

Burning the Devil: Purifying the Path to Christmas

A unique prelude to the Christmas season is the "Quema del Diablo" or Burning of the Devil, held on December 7th. Witness the symbolic burning of devil effigies, symbolizing the cleansing of evil spirits and paving the way for the purity of the Christmas festivities.

Nochebuena: Christmas Eve Extravaganza

Christmas Eve, known as Nochebuena, is a cornerstone of Guatemalan Christmas celebrations. Families come together for a lavish feast featuring traditional Guatemalan dishes, with tamales taking center stage. 

Volunteer Opportunities in Guatemala: Give Back This Christmas

Make a meaningful impact with UPAVIM by exploring volunteer opportunities in 2024. Experience the joy of giving back by volunteering at our local Montessori school, tutoring center, or library in Guatemala! Or consider joining the UPAVIM board and help from home!

Christmas Donations Guatemala: Share the Gift of Giving

Celebrate this season of generosity and make a donation to support UPAVIM this Christmas season. There is no better gift than helping kids in Guatemala achieve a better future through the gift of a good education. Donations can include scholarships, books, art supplies, or school supplies. 

Support Guatemalan Artisans: Ethical Christmas Shopping At UPAVIM 

Explore a world of meaningful gifting this Christmas by purchasing ethical artisan goods. At UPAVIM we make a positive impact by employing women who make sustainable and handmade treasures. 

At UPAVIM, our commitment extends beyond the festive season. We encourage you to not only enjoy the magic of Christmas in Guatemala but also become a part of our Fair-Trade and educational projects, supporting the women and children of La Esperanza and preserving the cultural tapestry that makes this season truly special.

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