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UPAVIM Virtual Volunteer Reunion

We had a wonderful virtual UPAVIM Volunteer Reunion today with 13 former volunteers. Thank you to everyone that participated- it was a joy to hear stories and memories of your time volunteering!

Some highlights from the Reunion included: a tour of the volunteer roof quarters, a visit with Viviana in the library, talking with Reyna as she worked with young children in the Reforz after school program, greetings from Angela and Esperanza, a tour of the roof-top playground, and hearing from Barb. Volunteers also shared their memories of their time at UPAVIM, including seeing children they once tutored now studying for high school and college, negotiating with local gang members to offer tattoo removal, learning Spanish, doing community outreach door-to-door in La Esperanza. Several volunteers shared how the experience influenced their future careers and life paths. It was especially inspiring to hear from volunteers that had been at UPAVIM over 20 years ago and how happy they were to see the project continue and the programs grow.

We look forward to hosting more of these virtual Reunions in the future and hope to connect with more former volunteers!

Check out a video of the Reunion below:

A Couple of Reminders:

  1. We are looking for Volunteers! If you or someone you know is interested, UPAVIM needs both in-person volunteers, to work in the school and in the afterschool Reforz program, as well as, virtual volunteers to offer online English tutoring a couple hours a week with students. Click here for more info.

  2. UPAVIM Community Development Foundation now has our own Facebook page! You can help us greatly by simply liking the page and sharing it with your friends!

  3. UPAVIM's annual scholarship fundraising campaign is coming up in the next couple of weeks! We would LOVE the support of former volunteers in sharing out the campaign with your social media networks. UPAVIM Community Development Foundation is completely run by volunteers, most of whom are former volunteers like yourself. Continue supporting the UPAVIM women by helping us share the important work happening in Guatemala. More info to come soon.

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